02 June 2009

Cats With Wings

Every once in awhile we hear stories about unusual cats. This post is about cats with "wings."

First of all, there are zero documented cases of cats that have true wings that can flap. Blame the hype on our longing to find unicorns and other romantic, fantasy creatures.

The truth is actually very simple:

1. If longhair cats aren't brushed regularly and properly, they will develop matts. Brush them just right and you can create matts in just the right spot to make it look like the cat has wings. In the past, some cats with "wings" were shaved and found to have nothing more than matts.

2. Some cats have conjoined, incomplete twins (Siamese twins that didn't develop completely) and the result is a single cat with extra limbs. If the incomplete twin's legs are growing out of the back or shoulders of the complete twin, then it looks like wings. If the cat has long hair, it has a featherly, angelic appearance. You might remember stories in the news about cows and sheep with extra limbs. Same thing.

3. There is also a genetic skin disorder called "Feline Cutaneous Asthenia ." The human version is called "Ehlers-Danos Syndrome." Its basically areas of skin that stretch really far and turn into flaps of skin. If a cat has this disorder, stretched out flaps of skin can occur such that it looks like wings.

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