29 January 2009

Fun Kitty Cat Brain Teaser!

On a beautiful spring day in the park, there were five female cats walking together and gossiping about their humans. Up ahead, there were five males walking together bragging about their conquests.

When the two groups met, there were five cupids flying through the air. Next thing ya know, there were five couples walking away in separate directions. The couples began talking and soon found that they had amazing things in common.
The next Spring, kittens are everywhere!
Can you figure out who the couples were, what treats they liked, what their favorite activity was and how many kittens each couple had in their litter?

The males' names are Punkin, Batman, Billy, Jake and Dobie.
The females are Pepper, Sally, Ruby, Spot and Starbuck
Snacks: Chicken, Mice, Tuna, Ice Cream, Chips
Activities: Laser, String, Sleep, Beat Up, Ball
Size of Litters: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

Here are your hints-

Jake was the cat who liked tuna fish & had five kittens, the one who liked Spot, the one who liked to beat up other cats, and the one who loved ice cream.

Starbuck is the kitty that had nine kittens, the one that liked to eat chicken & chase a ball, the one that liked to sleep, and the one that liked Punkin.

Dobie (who had three kittens) liked to chase the laser light but not mice.

Sally loved to chase mice but not string.

Batman didn't have a thing for Sally nor did he have seven kittens.

Billy, who thought of himself as very big & tough, had the most kittens & wasn't about to chase some stupid string around - what a waste of time!

Ruby loved to cuddle up to her male for a long afternoon nap in the sun but hated it when he ate his chips in bed. That may be the reason they didn't have the most kittens (they didn't have the least either).

Pepper & Punkin didn't have one kitten but they did like tuna fish.


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jrrw said...

I LOVE these puzzles. Let me see if I can do it!!!