14 January 2009

Finding Cat Food & Supplies Online

In the past, when you've wanted to buy food or supplies for your pets online, you've had to visit one store's website and search for the item. If that store didn't have what you were looking for you had to visit another store's website. Going back and forth to find who has the best price can be a real time-consuming pain.

No more!

Shopwiki.com has made shopping for your pet as easy as doing a google search. Shopwiki crawls the web, finding every store that sells your product and then presents the item, how many stores are selling it, and the lowest price, all at once. It's one-stop comparison shopping.

Other shopping websites will only show you the stores that pay them a percentage of their sales. Shopwiki is different - they will show you all the stores, regardless of any sales commission arrangements.

That being said, please check out http://www.shopwiki.com/wiki/Pets and you'll see that they can find supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, small pets, horses and livestock. Supplies for cats include food, bedding, bowls and feeders, litter, litter boxes, grooming, toys, bedding, stain removers, collars, carriers and scratching posts. A further click on one of these catagories brings up several choices and helpful information.

It's comparison shopping made easy.

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