28 October 2008


Blue, my silver tabby, is such a hunter. I should have named her Diana (goddess of the hunt). Although she's never been outdoors a minute in her life, she still finds time to show off her feral instincts.

Her favorite toys are little mice, covered in rabbit fur, with little strips of rawhide for tails. For her birthday I threw a handful of brand new ones on the floor and she immediately bit off their tails, wasting no time. We never find the tails so we assume the worst/grossest. Of course she likes to play with her mice but she also walks around the house with one in her mouth and take them on trips wherever she goes (upstairs, downstairs, basement). When she's not spending time with her "catch" she deposits them into either the kibble bowl or water bowl. To any visitor who doesn't "know" about Blue, they freak out when they see what they believe to be a real dead mouse in the food!

Blue, Blue, Blue...what are we going to do with you?

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