09 January 2009

YODA - The Four Earred Cat

A week before Halloween 2006, Ted and Valerie Rock were in a Chicago bar, watching a football game when in came someone trying to find a home for an 8-week old kitten. The little one caused quite a commotion - it had four ears! Actually - one set of true ears plus an extra set of flaps.

Ted let the kitten out of its cage and it proceeded to fall asleep in Ted's arms. It was love at first sight and little "Yoda" had a new home with the Rocks.

The Rock's son, Glenn, posted pictures of Yoda on a website and the little kitty became instantly famous in several countries.

Just in case you are wondering, Yoda is very healthy and there's nothing wrong with his hearing!


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Pammy Murphy said...

Oh my gosh, I've never seen anything like it! He looks so sweet! Glad he is doing well!

Jigsaw said...

He is lovely! All cats are beautiful! He would know if you are quietly opening a cat biscuit box with his hearing!