13 March 2009

Cat Gets Donated with Couch. Oops!

Vickie Mendenhall bought a used couch for $27. Little did she know it came with a surprise inside. It started moving from within and meowing! Mendenhall's boyfriend Chris Lund pulled the couch out away from the wall and lifted it up. There was a calico kitty inside!

Mendenhall contacted the store where the couch was purchased but it did not have any information on who donated it. She took the cat to the animal shelter where she worked and contacted members of the media to post the story and, hopefully, find the kitty's owner.

Bob Killion's cat, Callie, disappeared about the same time and he had recently donated a couch. His friend saw on the story on tv and the mystery was solved.

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Doson said...

Glad the mystery didn't trouble much.
Lucky Kitten